• The Case Studies form a key learning process of the course, and consists of three main parts: 

    1. Governance analysis of your Case Study
    2. Preparing a Case Study Report 
    3. Presenting your Case Study 

    Each of the Case Studies focuses on a given case at a different geographical scale. There will be 4-5 Case Studies, depending on the amount of student participating in the course: the Case Study groups are defined after the first Contact Session.   

    The topics for the Case Studies are:

    • Group 1: Global water governance and SDGs 
    • Group 2: Transboundary cooperation in the Mekong River Basin 
    • Group 3: EU water governance
    • Group 4: Collaborative governance in Finland: Case Kokemäenjoki Water Vision
    • Group 5: The governance of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY 

    For detailed instructions on the Case Study (incl. Case Study Report and presentation), read carefully the instructions below and also go through the Case Study specific slides under Sessions & Reading Circles sub-page. 

    The aim of the Case Study is to provide a practical example of a particular governance context, and in this way to deepen your understanding of different governance settings. At the same time, the analysis work to be done for the Case Study gives you a possibility to apply a set of governance analysis methods in practice as well as to discuss them with your peers. 

    The Governance Analysis Methods session on Thu 14.1 will -together with Case Study Sessions on Thursdays- be particularly important for your Case Study: have a careful look at its slides. The methods session will introduce you the key methods to apply in your Case Study, while in other sessions you can plan and carry out your Case Study analysis together with your group. 

    Case Study Sessions: timetable

    The Case Study Sessions include actual Case Study presentations during Week 7 as well as Case Study Sessions and Workshops that helps you to plan and carry out your Case Study. The sessions are mainly on Thursdays.