Topic outline

  • Course assessment is based on the assessment by both teachers and students in a following way: 

    • Half of the grade comes from the assessment by teachers 
           - 1/4 of the grade based on Reading Circle Summary
           - 3/4 based on Case Study (25% from Case Study presentation, 75% from Case Study Report)

    • Half of the grade comes from the assessment by students through Peer & Self Assessment

    Instructions about Peer & Self Assessment will be provided during the course.

    Note that as there is no exam in the course but learning and assessment is based on group work, individual assignments and sessions, it is compulsory to participate in all Contact Sessions and Case Study Sessions. You can miss one session, after that you must do a personal Compensatory Task (see Sessions & Reading Circles sub-page).

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      Course grades: WAT-E2080 File
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      Attached file shows your final grade from WAT-E2080 course, including grades for Reading Circle Briefs and Case Study as well as from Peer & Self Assessment. The personal written feedback from Peer & Self Assessment will be sent to your email separately, while the comments on your Case Study Reports can be found from your group's Teams sub-channel.

      If you have any questions regarding the assessment, please send email to course email address:

    • Attached document provides synthesis report of your anonymous course feedback: thank you for your feedback! Kindly also read our feedback on your feedback ('vastapalaute') above.

    • Attached file summarises the views and feedback you gave on your group work as part of the Peer & Self Assessment.