Make one creative reflection entry after each week of the course. By the end of the course, you must have submitted five (5) reflections.

    Give each entry an interesting and descriptive title. In these entries, make short reflections on the lectures of the week with a clear viewpoint. It could be a review of a presented topic, an answer to a question presented during the lecture or an insight you gained from group discussions. As there are two lectures per week, your entry can reflect on one or both. Be creative! Drawings, comic strips, poems and alike are allowed and encouraged! If you are writing, it's important that the texts are short, concise and sharp - not much longer than this intro text! You may attach pictures, drawings, newspaper articles, videos or other media to support your writing!

    Note: Do not summarize lecture contents or give feedback about the lectures or lecturers here! Concentrate on reflecting your learnings on the topic and issues raised instead.

    Reading and commenting each others reflections is highly recommended! Note: you still have to submit your own reflections in order to pass.

    Your first entry must be submitted by 21th September at 9.55 am the latest! You can start after the first lecture already. Meeting deadlines = passing the course!

    • Reflection 1: DL  21Sep, 9.55 AM
    • Reflection 2: DL 28 Sep, 9.55 AM
    • Reflection 3: DL 5 Oct, 9.55 AM
    • Reflection 4: DL 12 Oct, 9.55 AM
    • Reflection 5: DL 19 Oct, 9.55 AM