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    ELEC-E7990 is meant for AALTO ELEC master's students to credit the improvement of professional expertise during a work placement of minimum 4-10 weeks (2-5 cr, respectively). This course can be included in the elective studies module in the degree. We recommend that you take this course after the first year of master’s studies. However, the course is available throughout the academic year.

    In order to pass the course you should

    (i) agree on a work placement with the responsible teacher (as a first step),
    (ii) write and submit a personalized learning plan for the work placement (before the training period starts),
    (iii) work as a member of a business or non-profit organization in a position that is relevant for the improvement of your professional expertise,
    (iv) write and submit a reflection on your learning and improvement of professional expertise during the training period (after the training period has ended), and
    (v) show the employment certificate to the responsible teacher.

    See page Assignments for further instructions.

    After the course, you should be able to

    (i) understand targets and operation of business/non-profit organizations,
    (ii) apply professional practices in the field of your major/programme as a member of a business/non-profit organization,
    (iii) identify development needs/opportunities in organizations and their practices, and
    (iv) assess and describe your own professional development as part of personal career development and employment plan.

    NOTE: You are responsible to find the work placement by yourself, and it should be approved by the course personnel beforehand as part of the preliminary assignment of the course.