Topic outline

  • Videos/Other material: (Some in English, some in Finnish)

    Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering:

    Biomass Refining:

    Biotechnology (NB! This video is very long!):

    Chemical and Process Engineering: LINK

    Chemistry: LINK

    Fibre and Polymer Engineering: LINK

    Functional Materials: LINK

    Sustainable Metals Processing: LINK

    Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies:
    Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering

    Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions
    Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability  material coming?

    Master’s Degree Programme in Creative Sustainability

    Master’s programme in International Design Business Management

    Nordic Master's Programme in Polymer Technology

    Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (BIOCEB) LINK to materials

    Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability: LINK

    Master’s Programme in Energy Storage (EIT InnoEnergy double degree)