Topic outline

  • Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • recognize different types of assessment methods
    • select appropriate assessment method for your course and justify your choices
    • discuss how group size effects on selection of teaching methods
    • choose and apply teaching methods supporting your learning outcomes

    Group assignments:

    Before your group meeting:

    • Watch the videos
    • Unips-video: Assessment
    • Unips-video: Teaching Methods 
    • Reading task

    • Familiarize yourself with given reading material which you can find below
    In the meeting together with your group use the padlet to reflect te teaching and assessment methods you listed in Presemo. Also have a look at video how teaching influences study wellbeing. <you can also comment on that. Other groups are working on the same tool. Respect others opinions, but you can of course comment them. DL 29.11.2020

    Start writing your group's case. More information about Case-working in Group's own area (Peer Groups and activities, on the left)

    Individual assignment:

    Course plan version 3.0 DL 23.11.2020 (Find your group's Course Plan -forum under Peer Groups and activities -topic on the left).

    Peer feedback

    • This is the version (3.0) your peers (2 persons) are going to give peer feedback about (in your own groups' Course Plan -forum). 
    • You will be informed about feedback chains in your Forum on previous week. 
    • When you give feedback on course plans, you may use the following questions to guide your work:
        • Read the ILOs (intended learning outcomes) – are they written from the students’ perspective, do they state at which level ( e.g. Bloom taxonomy) student should be after the course?
        • Pay attention to constructive alignment: can you see the connection between ILOs, assessment and teaching methods, content, used materials?
        • You can also comment on other parts of the course plan