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      A3a Quiz - open from Apr 5 (7:00) to Apr 7 (21:00)

      You have 40 minutes to complete the quiz and review the correct answers. After this, the quiz will be closed. 


      Each question is graded on a scale of 0 to 1. You can't get negative points for any question.

      Each question has one or two correct answers.

      Please note any wrong answer for an individual question will mean -0.33 or -0.50, depending on whether there is one or two right answers. So,

      • If a question has one right answer and you select it correctly, you get 1 point (as the correct answer is worth 1 point). However, if you also choose another answer, which is incorrect, you get 0.67 points (the correct answer being 1 point, the wrong answer leading to a reduction of -0.33 points).

      • If a question has two right answers and you select both correctly, you get 1 point (as each correct answer is worth 0.5). However, if you choose one right answer, and one wrong answer you get 0 (the correct answer being 0.5 points, the wrong answer being -0.5 points).

      So, to achieve 1 point for a question, you have to select the correct answer, or answers, and have no wrong answers.

      The overall quiz score will be graded 0-5 like every other assignment.