Topic outline

  • Specialist/speakers in the last session

    Sara Rönkkönen, ENG + AllWell-iniatiative at Aalto
    Sanna Hangelin, AllWell-initiative at Aalto

    • Here attacted the materials by Sara Rönkkönen and Sanna Hangelin

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    • Read and study the materials for session 4 -> both general slides and Sara Rönkkönen's Panopto-video part

      Both slide sets touch upon motivation as well. Reflect on the content of the slides and think at least about the following:

      • how can you as a teaching assistant (in your course) support students' study well-being?
      • How could you support students' study motivation - you can include practical examples
      • How can you support your own motivation to work as a teaching assistant?
      • You can also write how you would like to develop as a TA

      Write approx. a one page to a page-and-a-half of text for this assignment.

      Deadline for the task Friday 12.3.2021