• Welcome to IDBM Thesis Accelerator!

    The purpose of this Mycourses space is to facilitate your thesis research and writing process. We want everyone to get the thesis done efficiently and with highest quality!

    We have divided the thesis process to five phases to structure your work:

    • I) Starting to write & building your network
    • II) Doing the literature review
    • III) Conducting empirical work
    • IV) Reporting findings and discussing the results
    • V) Finalizing and publishing your thesis.

    You don't have to follow the phases in strictly linear way, but the structure given here helps tremendously to divide the thesis process into manageable sub-parts. So, consider structuring your work based on the five-part process.

    Each phase (and mycourses section) contains some videos, book chapter(s), and sometimes some additional material. Please watch and read all the material before starting each phase. It will take 1-2 hours from you and it is time well spent! We have tried to curate the materials so that they are on-point, but also deep enough to really help you.

    Sohow to get started?

    The idea is that you join the IDBM Thesis accelerator at the same time when you start your own topic's/domain's/school's Master's Thesis Seminar. You can also join the thesis accelerator before taking the seminar.

    The seminars are designed to provide you the required background information about the thesis work, and also help you to frame your topic and research questions. The IDBM accelerator connects you to a right thesis supervisor and also facilitates your whole thesis process, also after the seminar.

    Now, navigate to the section one: "Starting to write & building your network". Read the instructions. Familiarize yourself with the materials. Then, contact a supervisor (the instructions are there).

    Great to have you onboard! And welcome to the exiting journey of writing the thesis!

    - Ville, Elina, and Niina