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  • Tiina Puputti, M.Ed., is an experienced photography trainer and a well-known photographerStarting in 2003 her full-time photography career, Tiina spent 6 years in VVI, the most prestigious photography school in Finland as a student, teacher and later leading the school as the principal. Since 2008 she’s been an independent photography trainer and has been teaching professionals, aficionados, and diverse groups of people who need photography skills in their profession. Both short and long-term courses were developed in order to fulfil the market demand for adjoined photography education.

    Tiina's main target during the training is to inspire the participants to develop their photography skills keeping their own goals and needs in mind. In addition, she seeks to share practical knowledge on different areas of photography that the learners can apply in throughout their learning process. One of the brightest example of the approach is TV series YLE Fotarit that was scripted and hosted by Tiina Puputti in 2019.

    Tiina is the author of photography guidebooks available in Finnish:

    Tiina Puputti  the POCS course leader is posing with the camera.

    " I am photography trainer, photographer, and a non-fiction writer. I love working with people. Whether it’s a workshop, portrait, editorial, commercial, documentary photoshoot, for me it’s all about co-operation where we are the team who have the same goal to achieve. Within photography, the light & lighting is my true passion. One of the most important things in a photograph is the asserted presence of light. I love to create different kinds of light, or modify available light if needed – and share my passion with others. On top of the teaching, I do editorial images and own projects."