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      Tasks to Pass the Course

      11.05. at 23:59 pm

      Indicate team formation in Group Choice Module in MyCourses

      15.05. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of 3 MC-Questions about the article “Sarasvathy, 2001”

      22.05. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of essays: 1500-2000 words + 5 PPT slides (excl. cover page and references)

      29.05. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of Evaluations: Review criteria + Grades of the essays and presentations + 3 suggestions for improving the presentation

      05.06. at 10:15 am

      Presentation of the Essay from the Development Round

      12.06. at 10:15 am

      Final exam

      19.06. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of Technology – and Innovationmanagement group work.

      28.08. at 10:15 am

      1. Re-exam

      28.10. at 10:15 am

      2. Re-exam

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      Please submit your group analysis (about 1500 words per group member) in PDF format by June 19th at the latest. 
      One submission per group is sufficient. Please include the names and student numbers of all authors on the cover sheet. Unnamed students in the respective group will not receive any points.