Topic outline

    • LaTeX Template

      The School of Science does not require using a certain template even though there are several available. There are no strict rules for marginal, spacing, etc. However, if you plan to use some other template than the one provided below, be prepared to defend this choice. I strongly recommend using this template:

    • Writing Resources

      In addition to your own skills and expertise (and my comments along the way), I recommend leveraging the following resources to aid your writing process:
      • All Aalto Master theses are available online. Not all of them are gold, but read at least a handful of them (in your own field) to get an idea of what the end-product usually looks like. However, do not take for granted that you have read an unbiased selection of great theses.
      • Use the Writing Clinic and other similar resources.
      • Ask for feedback from your fellow students and peers.
      • You can use Turnitin for feedback on your uses of source material. Please see the Turnitin instructions for students.
      • You can use online tools such as Grammarly for feedback on your writing.
    • Guide on how to write your bibliography

      Students often struggle with writing the Bibliography/References. What should be included and how that should be done in bibtex. Find below a short guide which is a bit specific to machine learning: