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      Picture: Aziza (21.9.2020)

      Draw a family tree of your closest family (about 10 persons).


      • first name
      • age
      • nationality
      • where the person lives and
      • what languages the person speaks.

      Learn to tell the details in Finnish and also how to spell the name.

      See page 24 for help.

      Add your family tree to the discussion forum.

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      Introduce a Finnish celebrity

      Choose one Finnish person, whom you introduce to your group.

      Here you can find a selection of Finnish celebrities. You can also choose someone else.


      Tell these details:

      • name
      • age
      • where the person lives
      • profession
      • family and
      • one interesting fact.

      Find also a picture of the person.

      Find information from Wikipedia or Google.

      Make a Powerpoint (1-3 slides) and learn to present the person in Finnish.

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