• A! Peda Intro 53 (English) autumn 2022

    • Topics of A! Peda Intro course include:

      • Teaching culture at Aalto University
      • Approaches to learning
      • Planning and practicing for a teaching session
      • Developing your own teaching and teacher identity
      • Working in a multidisciplinary group

      The contents of this course may vary depending on the specific needs and objectives of each group.

      Intended learning outcomes for the A! Peda Intro course:

      After the course, you

      • will recognize the issues that may have an impact on learning experience.
      • will recognize the stages in teaching design.
      • have expanded your network among teachers at Aalto University and gained experiences of working in a multidisciplinary teacher group.
      • will recognize your strengths as a teacher.
      • will apprehend your role as a teacher in the learning process of the students.

      Teaching and learning methods on this course include introductions to new topics, group work, experimentation through practice, demonstrations, case examples and peer feedback. Participants are encouraged and expected to have an active role in the learning process.

      Course instructors: Kirsti Keltikangas (ELEC), teacher in charge and Outi Kankaanpää (ARTS)

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