Osion kuvaus

  • Before the first session there is a pre-assignement with three parts: 

    A) Reading task (article) 

    Get to know the article below (Curriculum in higher education research (2016) by Johanna Annala, Jyri Lindén and Marita Mäkinen). 

    When reading the article, think how do you see your own programme/major in relation to the different curriculum approaches mentioned in the article? We will discuss the topic in our first session. 

    B) Get acquainted with the Aalto guidelines and materials concerning curriculum development 

    • Curriculum development in Aalto

    • Guidelines for curricula 2022-2024

    C) Group introduction (discussion forum) 

    Introduce your group and your motivation to others. 

    Prepare to present your group as well as the development project topic of your group to others. 

    DL 31.5.2021