Topic outline

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    Required outputs

    Presentations (includes slides)

    1. Topic presentation (Period 1/3)

    2. Main presentation (Period 2/4)

    3. Designated commenting of a main paper (Period 2/4)

    Written outputs

    1. Research plan (submitted a week before the topic presentation).

    Includes an introduction to the wider topic area around the specific research question of the thesis. 3-6 pages.

    2. Main paper (submitted a week before the main presentation).

    A reader of the main paper learns about the results of research in economics (either your research or the research that you review). The main content of the main paper could be adapted from a key chapter or two in the thesis. First page has the executive summary, and it should list 1-3 two-digit JEL codes , (e.g., D22 or J45). 15-30 pages.

    3. Online comments on other students' research plans and main papers, submitted before their presentations. 

    A comment is usually a short paragraph, sometimes 2-3 paragraphs. Minimum requirement is at least three substantially distinct comments to each member of your group.

    In-class outputs

    Participation in class discussions about papers and presentations. 


    The language of all presentations and discussions is English. Research plans are also in English. If you are writing your thesis in Finnish then you can submit the main paper in Finnish. If you are not comfortable reading Finnish you will only be assigned papers written in English. 


    Grading 0-5 based on activity in the seminar, quality of presentations (live presentation, accompanying slides, research plan/topic paper, and main paper), quality of discussion (both in class and on-line), and punctuality. Attendance is required for a passing grade, but one absence may be made up by completing an additional assignment. 
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      Student presentations and discussions will take place in subgroups. This survey only matters for period 3 (topic presentations). 

      Each group meets either on Mondays or Tuesdays. Please record your preference for Mondays, Tuesdays, or  "No preference". 

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      In this seminar the students who prefer to present earlier rather than later have always been a minority. Therefore those who prefer to present early will get to do so, and almost surely in the first meeting of their group. The presentation order of others will be randomized.