Topic outline

  • Information on picking a topic and getting started with the MSc thesis:

    To enroll in the seminar you must 1) have a thesis topic accepted by a faculty member at the Department of Economics and 2) notify the seminar organizer about your topic and the approver. The deadline for this notification for the Fall 2022 seminar is May 31st, 2022; for the Spring 2023 seminar the deadline is Nov 15, 2022. Obtaining advisor approval may require some back-and-forth between the student and the faculty, so make sure to start the process several weeks before the deadline. You must notify Kristiina Huttunen by email about the topic and the faculty member who approved it. (If you would like to participate, but have no idea for a topic, you can simply go and ask a faculty member for a topic of their choice). After that you still need to confirm your participation by enrolling in the seminar via Sisu. 

    The initial approved topic is provisional, i.e., it is not a binding commitment. Its purpose is to make sure that everyone who enrols is capable giving their presentation in the second week of the semester. The topic and the advisor can  be changed subject to the same approval procedure as the initial topic.