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      Reading package and order of articles mirroring the course topics: 

      For the first week, that is, the 2nd and 4rth of November, a pre-reading article. 

      1. Todeschini, B. V., Cortimiglia, M. N., Callegaro-de-Menezes, D., & Ghezzi, A. (2017). Innovative and sustainable business models in the fashion industry: Entrepreneurial drivers, opportunities, and challenges. Business Horizons60(6), 759-770.

      Week 2, that is, 9th and 11th of November, course reading material as follows: 

      2. Moore, C. M., & Birtwistle, G. (2004). The Burberry business model: creating an international luxury fashion brand. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management.

      3. Pedersen, E. R. G., & Netter, S. (2015). Collaborative consumption: business model opportunities and barriers for fashion libraries. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management19(3), 258-273.

      4. Sheridan, M., Moore, C., & Nobbs, K. (2006). Fast fashion requires fast marketing: The role of category management in fast fashion positioning. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal.

      and so on...