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  • Lecture slides will be uploaded after each lecture.

    • Lecture 1 slides

      Unfourtunately, I did not manage to record this lecture due to technical issues. But I solved this issue (I hope) and tomorrow plan to record the lecture.

    • Lecture 2 slides

      I again faced a problem in recording though I thought it was fixed since it worled on Tuesday, 2 Novemebr.

      Now I am trying to solve it again. Sorry for this. Did not expect this but there is some problem with Zoom recording function, at least on my computer.

    • Lecture 3 slides

    • Lecture 4 slides

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      I managed to record the lecture, I plan to put recording file next week. I am very busy this week. Thank you for your understanding!

    • Lecture 5 slides

    • File icon

      Here you can find the lecture 5 slides. Unfourtunately, today I did not manage to record the lecture because I had to change the host (as part of the lecture was open for University teaching committee).

      Next lecture I plan to record. Thank you for your understanding

    • Lecture 6 slides and video

    • Lecture 7 slides and video (video will be uploaded later)

    • Lecture 8 slides and video

    • Lecture 9

    • Lecture 10

    • Lecture 11

      Please, note, that the lecture starts on the video from the moment of 3 hours 17 minutes! I was on a scheduled appointment during part of the lecture (in the beginning) and put recording when I left home, i.e. much in advance.