• The attendance of lectures is not obligatory. However, I give points for attendance. In online version of the course (that we have this year still), I track attendance by questions. In particular, during the lecture you can ask me questions or write them in the chat. For the first question you get one point. For the other questions (second, third, etc.) you do not get any points though still can ask and I will respond. I respond to the questions in chat in the end of each lecture.

    Those who attend 4 or more of my lectures (i.e., when lecturer is Svetlana Ledyaeva) [the attendance is tracked by questions - see paragraph above], can get 5 more points if they make an assessment of the course in Weboodi. Instructions should be sent to your emails in the beginning of the course. The assessment is anonymous but I get the names who participated in the assessment.

    You can also get 5 extra points in the discussion of case study presentation. See case study instructions on writing the case report, etc.

    Finally, you can get extra points for questions at guest lectures. For the first question you get one point; for the second question 0.5 points.

    I should not that all the described points are EXTRA, i.e. they are not included in 100 points you can get via making all the assignments in the course. Hence, some of you can even get over 100 points though your grade will be as you get 100 points then.