• Welcome!!

    The final seminar of the course "CHEM-E2110 Polymer Technology Laboratory Exercises" is organized on

    Wed 8th of December at 10.15-14.00 in Lecture Hall L2 (PUU1 building, Vuorimiehentie 1).

    All the exercises have to be completed before the seminar. All the reports must be accepted by Jan 6th 2022.

    In this seminar we shall conclude issues learned and/or remaining unclear and it is a possibility to give and gain feedback.

    You do not have to prepare anything beforehand, since the first part of the seminar is received for working in small groups. All you need is access to your reports. i.e. bring your laptop!

    If you cannot come to the lecture hall, you can also participate via Zoom (https://aalto.zoom.us/j/65535358546).



    The course begins with OBLIGATORY introduction lecture on Wed 15th of September starting at 10.15 in Zoom (NOT in lecture hall L2)

    link to Zoom https://aalto.zoom.us/j/65535358546

    The program of the day consists of practicalities of working in lab and very basics of theories in the background of each experiment. The working groups are formed and schedules fixed.

    ATTENTION! Our program will end sometime around 2 pm.

    Looking forward to meet you all!

    Mano, Tiia and Arun

    P.S. When You come to start the lab work, first pick up a lab coat and goggles from D209c. Then come to the meeting point: