Osion kuvaus

  • Yleinen

    • Elective course in Sustainable Metals Processing major. 
    • Teaching Period III-IV (Spring 2022)
    • Workload 

      • Lectures 12 h
      • Tutorials 24 h
      • Project (home) work 24 h
      • Independent (group) studies 70 h
      • Exam 4 h

      Learning outcomes, after the course the student can: 
      • understand the structure of a thermochemical solver (Gibbs energy minimiser),
      • handle equilibria in heterogeneous multi-component (non-ideal) systems
      • do equilibrium simulations in multicomponent heterogeneous systems

      • Thermodynamics of solution phases and their analytical forms in condensed systems,
      • use and development of analytical descriptions for solution phases,
      • applications of Gibbs energy minimisation techniques for the chemical simulations.

      Assessment Methods and Criteria 
      • Lectures
      • Project work in groups from selected topics
      • Independent study and exam

      The lectures start Tue 11 January at 12.15-14.00. First lecture will be held online on zoom and will also be recorded. 
    • The project works start Wed 12 January. During the course three project works will be done in two or three person teams.
    Course textbook
    A. Pelton, Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Modeling of Solutions


    (requires VPN access to Aalto network) 

    David R. Gaskell: Selected chapters from Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials (2003) available in Aalto University library e-books in the Dawsonera collection.