Topic outline

  • General

    • Course staff:

      Lecturers: Anu Lehtovuori, Jussi Ryynänen, and Marko Kosunen (Pikkis)
      Assistants: Kaisa Ryynänen and Harri Varheenmaa


      The course has 8 weeks with a lecture, an exercise session, and a MyCourses assignment (32 points). On top of that, we have one simulation task and two laboratory measurements plus MyCourses assignments related to them (20 points). The exam is in December (30 points).

      2Analysis methods and basic components
      3Active elements and device models
      4Small-signal analysis
      5System level and filters
      Sim & Lab1Filters
      6Parametric representations
      7Feedback analysis
      8Digital circuits
      Lab2RF circuits

      The lectures are remote sessions in zoom (live session). The exercises are in hybrid mode: in hall T6 starting at 10.15 and in zoom starting at 11.15. Practical arrangement of labs will be announced later.

      Passing the course:

      There is not any single obligatory part in this course. Based on weekly activities, you can gather 52 points. In the exam, the maximum is 30 points. If you get 40 points in total, you pass the course. PS. One problem to the exam comes directly from the exercises!

      Earlier (2015-2020), 60% of points was needed to grade 2, 70% to get 3, 80% gave 4 and everyone over 90% of points got 5.

      The course schedule will be found from the file below including also places and teachers of every event. More details on simulations and lab measurements will be announced during the course.