Topic outline


    In this course you are going to learn about spectroscopic and microscopic techniques which can be used to analyse biomolecules samplesDuring this course we will study different instruments (i.e., principles, instrumentation, what can be analised ? How ? and data analysis). At the end of this course you will have enough knowledge and understanding to analyse biomolecules samples.


    • There will be NO EXAM FOR THE COURSE

    • The course will be held online with the following link : . (Please note that this is a recurrent meeting, so this link will be valid throughout the course, no new link will be sent).

    • For any information on the course and MyCourse page, or if you are encountering any problem with MC space, please contact Ornella LAOUADI;

  • Below you will find materials that we are currently using in our class. Slides and all relevant material will be uploaded here before the class, so you can have a look at it and take notes during our sessions.

    BELOW a tentative schedule for the course:

    11.01.2021 : Introduction of the course

    13.01.2021 : Spectroscopy-Microscopy: General Introduction

    18.01.2021 : Microscopy techniques

    20.01.2021 : Raman/InfraRed Spectroscopy

    25.01.2021 : UV-vis/Fluorescence Spectroscopy

    27.01.2021 : Mass Spectroscopy

    01.02.2021 : Student's presentation and Review

    03.02.2021 : Student's presentations and Review

    08.02.2021 : Student's presentations and Review

    10.02.2021 : Student's presentations and Review

    15.02.2021 : Student´s presentation (1) + Open discussion on course content

    17.02.2021 : Group Work presentations