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  • Midterm 1 is on Thursday, 28 October, at 14:00–16:00 online here in MyCourses.
    Midterm 2 is on Monday, 13 December, at 14:00–16:00 online here in MyCourses

    The retake exam on Monday, January 10, consists of two parts: Retake of midterm 1 at 16:00–18:00 and Retake of midterm 2 at 18:00–20:00. Both parts will be available below on this page. Please register for the retake in Sisu.

    Instructions for online Midterms

    • The midterm is 2 hours (+15 min extra for uploading the solutions)
    • The midterm is open book. That is, you can use the course textbook and course material and also other books and internet sources.
    • No collaboration allowed! You are not allowed to communicate with anyone during the exam. (One exeption: see below.)

    Each midterm contains 3 problems. Problem 1 contains 4 conceptual questions that you should answer using a few lines of plain text.

    Problems 2 and 3 are similar to the homework problems. That is, you should solve the problem on paper, scan or take a picture, and upload your solution. The preferred format is one PDF-file for each problem, but other formats are also allowed as long as your solution is easily readable. (If you have some other way to produce a PDF of your answer it is also fine.) As usual, you should shortly motivate your solution and provide the intermediate steps in the calculations.

    Some further technical notes on the implementation

    • Each midterm is a "Quiz" that will be available below on this page. The quiz opens when the midterm starts (14:00) and you must submit your answers before the midterm ends (16:15).
    • The quiz has 2 pages: page 1 for problem 1 (question 1–4) and one page for problem 2–3 (question 5–6). You can freely navigate between the two pages ("Next page"/"Previous page") and thus answer the problems in any order.
    • When you have answered all problems, press "Finish attempt..." at the end of page 2 and then confirm the submission by pressing "Submit all and finish". (You can do this once. Submit in time, but not too early!)

    - - -

    If there are some unexpected technical problems during the online midterm, contact Henrik by e-mail: Also, if some technical problem prevents you from uploading your solution to problem 2 or 3, send it by e-mail to Henrik before the midterm ends.

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      Midterm 1 solutions File
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      Solution to problem 1(a) corrected 29.10. (The problem statement had a mistake that made the solution different than originally intended.)

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      Midterm 2 solutions File
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