Osion kuvaus

  • Workload
    • Contact hours: 48h (2x2h / week)
    • Independent work: 87h

    Course content

    • Basics of astronomy and space physics.
    • Building blocks and central properties of the universe and the solar system.
    • Emission mechanisms
    • Coordinate systems.
    • Celestial mechanics & orbits.
    • Observations of astronomical and solar system phenomena.
    • Space technology and missions.
    • Space science and technology research and education at Aalto University.

    Learning outcomes

    • After the course the student has the basic knowledge of astronomy, space physics and space technology that are needed for further studies.
    • The student knows the structure and central physical properties of the universe and the solar system, and the objects contained in them.
    • She/he identifies the basic concepts and tools of astronomy and space physics, and is able to solve simple problems related to them.
    • The student can list what kind of observations can be made of astronomical and solar system phenomena, and what is the motivation behind such efforts.
    • She/he can compute simple orbits of satellites using celestial and orbital mechanics, and can apply various celestial coordinate systems.
    • The student recognises the basic vocabulary used in space science and technology, and how Aalto University is situated in the national and international space research scenes.


    Anne Lähteenmäki, Esa Kallio, Jaan Praks, Merja Tornikoski and Joni Tammi. Assistants: Irene Björklund & others. Emails firstname.lastname@aalto.fi.