• The exam will be held on Monday 31.1.2022 at 16.30 - 19.45 online in MyCourses. There will be four questions as usual, broadly covering many of the course topics -particularly those relevant for further studies. The format of the exam is “normal”, meaning that it is similar to previous exams.

    The exam will be done as a MyCourses assignment on the MyCourses section page named Exam31.1.2022 (see bottom of this page for the assignment). The assignment will open automatically on Monday 31.1.2022 at 16.30 and will close three hours later at 19.45. The idea is that you will have three (3) hours for completing and after that 15 minutes for submitting your answers. Take photos or scan your exam answer sheets, and SUBMIT THE PICTURES or THE SCANNED FILES to MyCourses. You can also write them on a computer, making sure to include everything you would also include when writing by hand. Make sure your pictures/text files are clear and readable, and use normal file formats such as JPG or PDF. The deadline is absolute, the submission will close automatically at 19.45 so make sure you have enough time for the submission process.

    As this is a home exam, justifying your answers is more critical than ever. Because you are allowed to use all course materials in the exam, we will need to see that you have understood the problems and can therefore explain how you have solved them and reached your final conclusions. Simply stating the answer will not show that you know what you have been doing, so justify! In earlier exams there have been several cases where equations and values used in them have not been written down, or values have been taken from the web without giving justifications. This inevitably leads to poor points so JUSTIFY, JUSTIFY, JUSTIFY, and write down everything you do.

    Both hand and computer written answers are fine. You can use whatever materials, books, programmes etc there are available. In a home exam we cannot restrict or control what kind of tools and materials you use, therefore the exam problems have been formulated so that you need to understand what you are doing. Please do not rely only on programme printouts in your answers! As said, we need to see your justifications so write all equations, numbers, and solutions down clearly in a logical order, showing EVERY STEP of the solution, even if you use tools/programmes for actually calculating them. If you like, you can include the printouts as appendices but do not use them as your only answer.

    In the following there is a list of DOs and DON’Ts for this home exam.


    -use the given course materials: My Courses materials, your notes, links and books we have indicated, practice session exercises etc.

    -answer the problems on your own without any help from outside.



    -rampage around the internet googling for ready-made answers.

    -discuss with or copy from others.

    -directly copy any of the materials you use: this is plagiarism and will NOT be accepted.

    -be dishonest in any other way that we do not distinctly forbid. You know what this means even without saying.

    Because of the extraordinary circumstances, any copying and/or plagiarism found in the answers (either from course materials, web, books, or, heaven forbid, from friends) will automatically result in failing the entire exam.