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    EXAMINATION 30.5.2022 12:15-14:00

    Examination is an online two hours quiz with all material allowed. No need to travel to Otaniemi. The quiz link will be delivered via MyCourses page (here) and also Zoom session will be open for support. Joining the Zoom is not obligatory. 


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    The course gives basic knowledge about spacecraft design principles, focusing primarily on systems engineering of small satellites. The systems engineer has to be able to take into consideration all aspects of a space instrument design process, such as space environment, technical challenges and even political environment. The course gives basic tools for systems engineering and gives overview of spacecraft structure, testing, payload, thermal design, launch, rocket technology and space project management. Moreover, every student designs a his/her own small satellite mission during the course. 


    The course is based loosely on book:

    • Peter Fortescue, John Stark, Graham Swiner: Spacecraft Systems Engineering, 3rd Edition, Wiley 2003 (or newer).
    • You can access the digital copy here.


    • Jaan Praks
    • Rami Vainio
    • Petri Niemelä
    • Paavo Heiskanen
    • Kiril Cheremetiev
    • Zainab Saleem
    • Marius Anger

    Responsible teacher

    Jaan Praks
    Assistant Professor

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