Osion kuvaus

  • Thank you for participating in Microwave engineering I course in winter 2022!

    The next course will be taught in winter 2023.

    Due to a large number of students (>40) enrolled on the course together with the corona situation (see the latest corona instructions of Aalto here), for the time being we will continue the course in the remote teaching mode. The first session took place on Monday, 10 January 2022.

    The course-related issues can be discussed in the Zulip forum.

    You need a book for studying! Get Pozar: Microwave engineering. All editions are ok. The same book will be used in Microwave engineering II, too.

    The course is primarily meant for the first-year Master's students in the Master's Programme of Electronics and Nanotechnology, especially within the major of microwave engineering, but also in space science and technology and circuit design. This course would also probably suit well for the last-year Bachelor's students of the electrical engineering (EST) programme. Other students, for instance, in wireless communication, engineering physics or anyone who is interested in the topic and master the pre-knowledge (e.g., circuit and field theory) are warmly welcome, too! 

    See other information on the "General information" page.