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  • This final quiz is taken individually and requires presence in class, no remote participation allowed. The final quiz is a set of 12 questions, of which eleven are "multiple-choice", whereas one question requires you to write a short essay. Having been active in class should suffice as preparation. If a student has not been active in class, only reading lecture slides will not contain quite enough information (they are just summarising main concepts), but rather studying the text-book sections mentioned in MyCourses.

    The quiz is found here in MyCourses (see below) at the given time and you will have a maximum of 45 minutes to answer all questions once you started the quiz!

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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      Final quiz

      This final quiz is held on May 23, 2022, it will open at 10:20 a.m.. After starting the quiz, you have 45 minutes time to answer all 12 questions. The quiz automatically closes at 11:20 a.m.. One question requires a short essay as an answer, the other eleven of type single/multiple-choice. You must be present in class when you carry out this quiz (remote partipation not allowed). You are allowed to use books and other material (i.e. "open-books"), but you may not seek help from other persons. The use of pen and paper is allowed and recommended.

      The total number of points obtainable in this final quiz is finally scaled to 30% of the total course grade.

      Note: You always see two questions at a time, i.e. there are 6 sub-pages. You cannot navigate between the sub-pages, especially not backwards, i.e. do not press "Next page" before you are sure that your answers are final!