Topic outline

  • The main course text book is: Teppati et al (ed.): Modern RF and Microwave Measurement Techniques (2013)

    The second recommended text book is: R.J. Collier, A.D. Skinner: Microwave Measurements, IET (2007)

    A third text book is available: N. B. Carvalho, D. Schreurs: Microwave and Wireless Measurement Techniques (2013)

    Supplementary textbook in Finnish: A. Lehto, A. Räisänen: Mikroaaltomittaustekniikka, Otatieto, TKY 875, (2007)

    Generally, if getting the course book from the library is a problem (e.g. too few copies), please let us teachers know. We don't have a copy for every student since some students have own copies already, but we want to have just enough so that all who need can borrow one copy.

    Within the course topic sections there are additional links to selected reading (e.g. manufacturers' application notes)