Topic outline

  • In this section we will have a look at microwave power measurements, incl. a look at calibration and transfer standard principles, as well as the concept of measurement uncertainty.

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      Lecture slides (29.11.21) File
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      Lecture slides on instrumentation and procedures for accurately measuring microwave power.

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      Lesson test #3 Quiz
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      The 3rd lesson test is on the topic Microwave power measurements.

      Prepare for this test by reading Chapter 15 (p. 329-346) in the second text book (you can also read Chapter 6 (p. 130-157) in the main course book for a more in-depth description of the topic). From these chapters you should remember the general microwave power measurement techniques and instrumentation, and then also understand practical challenges including power calibration, and the very, very important topic of measurement uncertainty due to mismatch.

      This lesson test is held as part of the regular session. First, answer all the questions individually within 10 minutes. Then (after a summary lecture), in small groups (defined by the teacher in class) you discuss and answer the same questions again together in a breakout room in Zoom - note only one group members puts the answers to the Quiz in MyCourses i.e. you need to agree on one answer for the group (attemps will not count unless done together)! Here you have 15 minutes time to answer. With the (second) group attempt students can improve their evaluation by up to 50 % of the points available in the first attempt, i.e. the assessment weight of the first attempt is two thirds, and of the group attempt one third (for this lesson test).