• Welcome to Discourse in Design!

    Classes are mainly on campus, with a few online sessions (see schedule).
    Link for online participation: https://aalto.zoom.us/j/61405307592

    This course is an introduction to contemporary theories and discussions within visual communication design. Special attention is paid to the nature of knowing and knowledge in different domains, and the notion of designerly and material knowledge. Relevant theories in other fields beyond design theory are also discussed, along with their potential contribution to design practice.

    In addition to lectures and discussions in class, the course consists of working in independent reading groups, where thematic course literature is explored through reading, writing and conversation.

    For complete course information, see the Syllabus and/or the links on the menu.

    The course is led by professor Arja Karhumaa, who you can reach at arja.karhumaa@aalto.fi or 040 570 7777.