Topic outline



      MONDAY 7.3. 12-14

      Mandatory materials/readings

      • Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems. (video)
      • Crane, A., Palazzo, G., Spence, L. J., & Matten, D. (2014). Contesting the value of “creating shared value”. California management review, 56(2), 130-153. (available in google scholar - if you cannot access the article, please email!)

      Notes: Please first watch the video and then read the article! Remember to read Porter's and Crane et al.'s debate also (in the end of the article). The idea here is to "detrivialize" and critically analyze the concept of shared value. The concept sounds great when viewed from surface level, but when you dig a bit deeper, you will see a lot of complex paradoxes. But this should not be paralyzing: together, the vision of shared value, and the critique, form a tension (of course!) which inspires our thinking!

      Monday slides and videos

      Introduction & Practicalities

      MODULE 1: Detrivializing Shared Value


      THURSDAY 10.3.

      Mandatory readings

      • Bocken, N. M. P., Rana, P., & Short, S. W. (2015). Value mapping for sustainable business thinking. Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering, 32(1), 67-81.

      Notes: This is a practical article which presents a very nice tool that has gained a lot of traction in business model domain. Read the article carefully, on Thursday's workshop we will be running a similar workshop (some additions to the method, of course ;)

      Video instructions for Thursday Workshop

      Here is a video giving you instructions on what to do in the Thursday workshop. On Monday we will divide you to teams that we will use for this week (next week, different team). With your team, you will select a case (instructions given on Monday), do a little bit background work before Thursday (about 0,5h for everyone). Then on Thursday we will complete a workshop.

      (NOTE: We will use the same instruction videos as the fall course, so there might be some mismatches on days. E.g. Lectures are now held on Monday as during the fall those were on Tuesdays).

      (NOTE: Although we say in the video that you need a Miro account - actually you don't! This is a new feature in Miro!)

      • Instruction video link will be added one day before the session

      Miro board links and recordings of the Thursday workshop

      • Thursday instruction video:
      • Please note that: 1) no Miro account needed (the video says you need one but actually you do not need it) and 2) in the video we use team A, B, C, ... - but in this course we use team 1, 2, 3, etc.
      • Thursday workshop cases and groups
      • Thursday Miro-board link:



      Can't access academic articles? Here is a video help :) It was created for IDBM Challenge but the same logic works of course in this course.