Topic outline

  • There are two tutorial exercise sessions each week. In these sessions, you can ask questions and get 1-on-1 help with your exercises. In the exercise sessions, a TA presents and discuss the tutorial exercises and their solutions and the students have the chance to ask questions related to the exercises

    There are two ways to obtain help:

    • Slack: You can initiate a help request (details below) and afterwards, communicate with a TA using direct messages in Slack.
    • Zoom: You can host a video conference with a TA

    In the #queue channel in slack, you can initiate a help request during an exercise session. In your request, you should give a short description of your issue (below some more instructions). Once there is a TA available, your request will be marked and the TA will contact you.

    Help with Slack

    • Go to the #queue channel in Slack.
    • Write a help request message that starts with the keyword "slack". Your help request should consist of a few sentences that describe what is the problem, what you know, and what you have already tried. You can also make a pointer (e.g., link) to a relevant part of the course material.
    • A TA will contact you through direct messages in Slack and assist you with your problem.

    Help with Zoom

    • To install Zoom, follow these instructions. Please make sure that your audio settings work in the call.
    • Create a Zoom meeting and copy the URL.
    • Go to the #queue channel in Slack
    • Write a help request message that starts with the keyword "Zoom" and append the URL of the call invitation.
    • Once a TA is available, he/she will join your call.

    Help with graded and programming exercises

    Since these exercises are graded, we will not solve these together with the students. However, if something is unclear, TAs and fellow students can be contacted for clarification.