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    Product Development Project (PDP) course is primarily aimed at students starting their Master in technology (ENG, ELEC, SCI and CHEM)business (BIZ), and design (ARTS), as well as last year Bachelor students in design.  

    However, the course is open for other students and there have been participants from various master’s studies e.g. cognitive science, anthropology, and biology. You can sign up for the course on Sisu.

    The course follows a problem-based learning (PBL) methodology. The challenges are given and sponsored by industry partners, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. At the start, a lot of attention is directed to the forming of highly motivated interdisciplinary teams. A project typically includes phases of understanding the challenge, planning, research, concepts generation, prototyping and testing.

    The project concludes with the Product Design Gala where the teams present their final functional prototypes of a tangible product or service solution for their industry challenge.

    PDP course is hosted by Aalto Design Factory, an experimental co-creation platform of Aalto University. Design Factory as an operational environment is two folds: The material side consists of team working spaces, machining workshop & electronics workshops, prototyping & testing facilities, its immaterial form is composed of low hierarchy, dynamic interaction, development methods and workshops that support innovative co-creation of the products of the future.

    You can check the official PDP course website: pdp.fi to find out more about the course overview for students and companies, and see the project portfolios from previous years. Follow us as well on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

    PDP Teaching Staff:

    Kalevi "Eetu" Ekman - Course Professor (kalevi.ekman@aalto.fi)

    Sara Figueiredo - Course Coordinator (sara.santosfigueiredo@aalto.fi)

    Albin Weckström - Course Assistant (albin.weckstrom@aalto.fi)

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  • Every year we try to ensure the best learning experience for the PdP students. That's why we ask for the student profiles; to know more about you. We will use the A4 student profile to match you with your future team that shares similar kind of interests in projects as you do. This approach has proved to be better than a dating app! We will do our best to find your other half ☺️. [According to GDPR, we do not register your profiles and you are not forced to provide any information that is inconvenient to you]

    When forming the teams, we will value your field of study, topics of interest, previous experiences, what you are eager to learn, and what particular project challenges make you tick. 

    For this purpose, we kindly ask you to draft your Student Profile and include the following:

    • Picture of yourself.
    • Name.
    • Contact. [email, mobile]
    • Field of study.
    • Personal interests or expertise (e.g. building scale models or robots in the free time).
    • Other experiences (e.g. volunteer to the local fire brigade).
    • List of most and least preferable project briefs.

    Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a project manager, please include that in your A4 Profile. For this purpose, don't forget to tick the box that says: I want to become a project manager. Write a short description explaining your motivation, relevant background, experience or personality traits that make you an excellent candidate to become a team leader. More information about the Project Manager role is here.

    Please find the A4 profile reference below.

    Deliver your student Profile until 26th September, at 23:59, at the delivering Student profile section.

  • CONGRATULATIONS, all the students that have submitted their profiles have been assigned to a team.

    Please check your team below.

    PdP teams list

  • What?

    Halfway Show (HWS) is your chance to present your project to the class and the world.


    You will have 10 minutes to present your brief, what you've done so far, and your future plans with supporting media (slides, picture, video, live demo, etc)


    January 21ststarting at 16:00 on Stage at Aalto Design Factory and Online


    The event will be held hybrid in Livestream. The on-site presence of all students is highly encouraged. Due to the current restrictions, the space capacity will be limited to 40 seats, and those seats are fully booked for PdP participants. All other curious people can join the event online at the link below.

    Streaming link: https://livestream.com/aaltodesignfactory/202201pdp

    PS: Feel free to share the event link with friends, family and the world!


    16:00 Opening

    16:15 Presentations start (10min each)

    • ELWOOD
    • SAKO
    • ENSTO

    17:20 Coffee Break

    17:35 Guest speaker 

    17:45 Presentations resume (10 min each)

    • SAAB
    • LIFA-AIR

    18:35 Closing

    The Dos and the Don'ts:

    You will have 10 minutes to present your project. In these 10 minutes, your task is to ensure understanding of your audience. You wouldn't want to confuse them with too much detail, nor create more questions than you answer. As with all presentations, tailor-make your presentation for your audience. In this case PDP students and DF people. Use supporting media such as images, videos, and sounds. We don't want to see slides that are a wall of text. The audience can only focus on one thing at a time: either read the text or listen to you. If you need to use text, please limit it to 6 bullet points maximum. Live demos are exciting yet risky since it might not work. Have one or two persons present.


    Tips for a better presentation (up to you):

    • Problem-solution / Heaven and hell: Going back and forth between the problem (hell) and your solution (heaven), thus showing the contrast and proving how your solution is solving the issues.
    • Show evidence: Using facts, numbers, and expert quotes show evidence that your decisions are the right ones.
    • Grand unveiling: When it comes to presenting your "final" product unveil it as if you're Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone to the world for the first time.
    • Talk further: Talk to the person sitting all the way at the end of the hall. This means you talk with a strong and calm voice to make sure everyone is following.
    • Check your slides on the Stage computer ahead of time (on rehearsal day). Heads up! Not all fonts work from Windows to Mac. 
    • Entertain: People are giving you their time, so respect that and don't bore them or leave them confused.
    • Practice, practice, and practice!

    Here you can watch last year's presentations.


    Grand rental

    Two presenters. Introduces the project with a great story. Clear objectives for their project. Good slides. Great ending leaving the viewer curious to see the final prototype.



    Great start to engage the audience. Has made a character out of their neural network solution to explain their project through a dialogue. Utilizes animations in the presentation. Clear project statement. Great renderings of their concepts.



    Starts with a captivating and dramatic story. Good explanation of the problem that the project aims to solve as well as the means to do this.



    Uses a story to start and end the presentation. Good background research for their project.



    Albin's presentation.


    Naughty brgr

    Begins with a good story. Explains the problem well. Closes with the same story.



    Good explanation of what the technology behind the project is.



    Good pictures and illustrations. Well-rehearsed presentation. Good emphasis on testing.



    Humorous start. Educates the audience well on a problem that they probably haven't thought about in a good way. Well-structured presentation.

    2019-2020 presentations can be seen here.


    Caen Spa   

    Good Storytelling



    Problem and research well explained



    Well rehearsed; live demo of prototype



    Well prepared, good structure



    Good Storytelling; Engaging with audience  

  • The PDP gala is just around the corner! This year we are celebrating 25 years of PDP, and your projects will be in the spotlight. This year's Gala will be arranged on-site at Aalto Design Factory (ADF). ADF will be open for the day to all visitors. You should expect many guests eager to visit your stand and find out all the details of your project.

    When is the Gala happening?

    • Thursday (12th May) VIP Gala opening starting at 18:00 and ending at 20:00. This is for important guests who visit the Gala more intimate and visitors who cannot join Friday's event. 
    • Friday (13th May): PdP Gala event takes place. Guests are welcome from 9:00 until 17:00. The teams should be at their stands welcoming the visitors and giving insights into their projects. Expect to spend the day pitching your work to curious people. 

    Is the Gala online or on-site? This year's Gala will be arranged on-site at Aalto Design Factory Facilities. Nonetheless, the event will also be featured by an online platform and virtual tour of all student booths, which will include PdP Talks and Live-Demos (further information below).

    What are the PDP talks? The PDP talks are pre-recorded presentations that will be 7 minutes long. A teleprompter will be used to aid the speaker with the presentation script. We ask all teams to prepare and rehearse a script before the presentation recording. The DF staff will take care of the recording and editing the videos. You can submit your graphics if you feel they assist in explaining your project to the viewer. Have a look at some examples from last year here. Note that there should only be one speaker for each team. The presentation rehearsal sessions will take place on the 24th and 25th of April and the recording sessions on the 2nd and 3rd of May. Book your team's slot for the rehearsal session (here) and the recording sessions (here), you can also book your time slot for these two sessions below.

    What are the Live-Demos? The Live-Demos are live demonstrations of your project that will be filmed and streamed during Gala Day for people who cannot attend the event on-site. Each team should show their project in practice and action at these demonstrations. Note that live demos will be streamed right after the pre-recorded presentations (PdP Talks) on the Pine Platform. The DF staff will stop at your booth with a video crew for this purpose.

    What about the Physical Booths? Each team will construct a physical booth at the pre-selected spot at Design Factory. Get started with planning your booths as soon as possible and come and talk to the staff once you have a draft. There are a lot of materials at Design Factory stores that can be used. It is encouraged that all teams have a booth manager in charge of the booth arrangements. You can check your booth locations here

    What are the Online booths? The online booths are a digital space allocated for your team in the Pine Platform. The online event will be held at the Pine Platform, where remote visitors can see some of your digital content and take part in the virtual tour. There will be the possibility for teams to upload content to the platform that the viewers can access. Further details will be provided to all booth managers on the Remote Gala Coaching session arranged for them on Thursday 28th April, starting 16:15 (at Stage). 

  • The Pdp journey is coming to an end, and the grading session is approaching soon.

    The grading sessions will be taking place at Design Factory from 17th to 18th of MayPlease book your time 30min slot below. We encourage all the team members to be present at the meeting. Nonetheless, if you can't be present, the grade should be agreed upon beforehand with the rest of the team members, which will be at the session. We would like to highlight that the grade agreed in the grading session is final.

    We would like to remind all the students that we are applying the team grading system, meaning that the grade of the team should be applied to all students. Nonetheless, it is possible to acknowledge individual students that their performance was exemplary, and these students can have a higher grade than the team grade.

    Teammates who want to join the grading session remotely can join trough the regular zoom link.

    You remember the Pdp book? Yes, the one dusty at your desk! It is time to bring it back to the PdP Staff. Please leave the Product Design And Development book at the PdP office before 20th May.

    If you have any question, contact the staff or stop by the PdP office.

  • Dear Economy Officers,
    Here you can find all information regarding cost and travel claims.

    1- Submit your cost claims in NEO by 15th each month at the latest.
    2- Update the costs in the budget excel sheet and submit it via MyCourses by 15th each month.
    3- After been scanned and submitted in NEO, put the A4 paper receipts in the PDP mailbox

  • Dear Safety Officers,

    Please find below the Design Factory Safety Manual.

  • The PD6 week is approaching, and we are super excited to see you working together with your global teams and your sponsors.

    PD6, short for "Product development in 6 hours", it's a whole day event that takes place during 8th - 10th November. The whole team (local + global) and the sponsor will together work on the project for six hours. The outcomes will be presented and demonstrated at Stage by the end of each day

    Since we have 9 teams, there are three days available from Monday to Wednesday, 3 teams each. The teams and their sponsors should select one day from those three options . Book a day (here)

    The idea of this workshop is to boost the teams at the beginning of the course and push you out of your comfort zone to tackle the given problem by prototyping and building a solution in just 6 hours. This introduces the students to problem-solving and teamwork and lay the foundation for product development methods and tools.

    This event will be held in hybrid conditions so that all global teams can participate in the event. We highly encourage all Aalto students to participate on-site. The full schedule is as follows:

    PD6 Schedule

    For the teams that have global students, with time zones that make the participation of the global students impossible from 08:00 to 16:00 pm, we have created an additional time on Monday from 14:00 to 21:00. If you can't participate in any of the given times, please get in touch with the PdP Staff.

    Please register on which day of the PD6 week you would like to participate until Thursday 4rd November (here).