• Every year we try to ensure the best learning experience for the PdP students. That's why we ask for the student profiles; to know more about you. We will use the A4 student profile to match you with your future team that shares similar kind of interests in projects as you do. This approach has proved to be better than a dating app! We will do our best to find your other half ☺️. [According to GDPR, we do not register your profiles and you are not forced to provide any information that is inconvenient to you]

    When forming the teams, we will value your field of study, topics of interest, previous experiences, what you are eager to learn, and what particular project challenges make you tick. 

    For this purpose, we kindly ask you to draft your Student Profile and include the following:

    • Picture of yourself.
    • Name.
    • Contact. [email, mobile]
    • Field of study.
    • Personal interests or expertise (e.g. building scale models or robots in the free time).
    • Other experiences (e.g. volunteer to the local fire brigade).
    • List of most and least preferable project briefs.

    Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a project manager, please include that in your A4 Profile. For this purpose, don't forget to tick the box that says: I want to become a project manager. Write a short description explaining your motivation, relevant background, experience or personality traits that make you an excellent candidate to become a team leader. More information about the Project Manager role is here.

    Please find the A4 profile reference below.

    Deliver your student Profile until 26th September, at 23:59, at the delivering Student profile section.