Topic outline

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      Deliver a team poster/flyer (size A3) containing (but not limited to) the following information: 

      • Team name
      • Team members names, photos, team roles, study background...
      • Sponsor name/logo
      • Short project description
      • Team contact info (At least the PM)

      If you have global team members then also include them on this poster.

      Name your file like this: TeamPoster_Sponsor_TeamName
      The team poster will go on the PDP wall at DF, you can be as creative as you want!

      PDP wall

      As inspiration there are some examples from last year attached. You can also check them and many more on the PDP wall when you visit DF.

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      Deliver your team Project Plan by the 19th of November by 23:59. 

      Project Plan is a dynamic document meant to be used as a tool to set the project path and guide you throughout your project and can be updated whenever needed. Do ask your sponsor for help and involvement during the preparation as well. Some topics to cover as seen relevant to your project are:

      • Project objectives 
      • Scope
      • Stakeholders
      • Resources
      • Schedule
      • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
      • Responsibilities
      • Risk management

      Find below some materials uploaded for further use and consultation when drafting your project plan. You can also consult the PdP course book that was provided to all teams, for this purpose.