Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Generative Media Coding 2022!

    The course will be divided in 2 parts: 

    PART 1: 

    3 days of lectures and tutorials.

    In the first 3 days, we will start the day with around 1 hour lecture or presentations, the rest of the time will be spent with hands-on tutorials. 

    PART 2: 

    2 days of coursework development and support.

    Day 4 will start with students presenting their project concept. Then students will develop their projects. On day 5 (14h), there will be a presentation of projects.


    16/May, 09:15-17:00

    Lecture: Introduction to openFrameworks


    - 2D drawing

    - Text

    17/May, 09:15-17:00

    Lecture: Generative Art


    - Forces and particle systems

    - Perlin noise

    18/May, 09:15-17:00

    Presentations: Inspirational projects


    - Images and video

    - Sound  and sound visualization

    - Add-ons

    19/May, 09:15-17:00

    Presentations: Project concepts

    Tutorial: Uploading to GitHub

    Project development

    20/May, 09:15-17:00

    Project development

    Project presentations (14:00)

    (check Syllabus for more information)

    (image by Simon Fankhauser, Generative Media Coding 2021)