• Preparation for session 6

          On your own
    1. Read: Yates, J. (2009), Active listening, and Munter, M. (2007), Q and A sessions.

          In your group
    1. Upload your A4 executive summary to MyCourses by 16.00, Wednesday, 25 May.
    2. Finalise your A4 final team presentation. Upload your slides by 08.00, Thursday, 26 May.
    3. Read the Executive Summary of the group you're going to be the audience for, and prepare a few questions you'd like to ask them after their presentation.

    SESSION 6: FRIDAY 27.5 (on campus in U358 AMER SPORTS)

    • Consultant presentations to top management of your project organisation / company followed by Q&A  (A4)
    • We'll divide this final class into two separate sessions: 08.30-10.30 and 10.30-12.30 (see running order / topics in SESSION 6 folder in the main menu)

    Final steps

    • Upload your feedback on the two presentations you were giving comments on to (a) the respective fora in the SESSION 6 folder, and (b) to the CC2 submission box in Assignments for grading.
    • Fill in the teamwork evaluation sheet - assess your own and fellow team members's contribution to the group activities

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    There are TWO mandatory pre-work assignments, which must be completed before coming to our first class:

    Pre-work 1: Communicator profile (CVCF)

    Pre-work 2: CVCF objective-driven presentation strategy outline

    • Detailed instructions for both of these assignments are in the submission boxes below

    • Please upload both of these assignments to the respective submission boxes by 08.30 on the day we have our first session.

    • Also, have a copy each assignment at hand (PW1 /communicator profile and PW2 / objective-driven presentation strategy outline) for our first Zoom session on to allow for peer feedback and review.

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    The course has a pre-work, 4 assignments and other required ungraded work.


     Readings and 2 pre-assignments. Individual.



     Bad-news message. Group



     Managerial proposal. Group.



     Transformational speech. Individual.



     Project presentation and executive summary. Group.



     Feedback on A3 and A4 presentations. Individual.


    Deadlines: To pass the course all assignments must be completed by the given deadlines. The due date for each assignment is clearly stated on the respective submission box. Please upload the final versions of each of your assigments (pdf) by the given deadlines.

    Grading criteria: Assignments are assessed using preformulated rubrics on a scale of 0-5.

    EBC grading criteria: 4.5 and above is a 5; 3.5-4.49 range is a 4; 2,5-3,49 range is a 3

    Please take a look at these grading criteria (in submission boxes) before you start work on the given assignment, and also before you submit your assignment.

    Team assignments: Only one group member needs to submit your team's assignment.

    Re-do or extra assignments not possible: Students are not able to re-do assignments, or do extra assignments to improve grades or make up for absences.

    Class contribution: This is a highly practical and experiential course so, even when we are online, attendance is mandatory. However, one absence during the course is possible if a student has a valid reason. This will result in a 20% reduction of the class participation grade. More than one absence will result in not passing the course.

    Assignments at a glance

    Pre-work: Mandatory readings  and TWO pre-course tasks (10%).  Deadlines: upload to MyCourses by 08.30, 21 April.

    This pre-work introduces you to some of the key communication theories and strategies that we will be using during the course.

    A1: Internal stakeholder communication I: communicating sensitive info (10%).  Deadlines: 28.4 (draft); 5.5 (final version)

    In your assigned group you are required to write a bad news message aimed at an internal audience using inputs 2 & 3 to guide you.

    A2: Internal stakeholder communication II: persuasive managerial proposal (15%). Deadlines: 5.5 (draft); 12.5 (final version)

    This group assignment requires you to write a managerial proposal to Aalto Biz management.

    A3: Internal stakeholder communication III: transformational speech (25%). Deadlines: 5.5 (outline); 12.5 (presentation); 19.5 (appraisal)

    This individual assignment requires you to prepare a short (5-minute) transformational speech to internal stakeholders (top management, colleagues, team members, fellow managers, company personnel).

    A4: Communication project: presentation and executive summary (30%). Deadlines: 28.4 (project proposals); midday 18.5  (materials for consultation session); midday, Wednesday, 24.5 (executive summary); 27.5 (presentations)
    This team assignment requires you to act as consultants and analyse an authentic organisational communication situation (problem / challenge / crisis / change). In your analysis, you are expected to take a strategic approach towards communication and draw on relevant communication models dealt with during the course. You also need to make recommendations based on your analysis. Your audience for both the executive summary and the team presentation is the top management of the organisation / company in question.

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    Here you'll find lecturer inputs and articles.

    NB. Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to be linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, you have to access most HBR articles through Aalto library / e-journals.

    7 lecturer inputs

    1. Competing Values Communication Framework (CVCF)
    2. Strategic Contingency Model
    3. Persuasive writing: communicating sensitive information
    4. Reader-focused business writing
    5. Writing an executive summary
    6. Essentials of effective slide design
    7. Preparing an effective recommendation presentation

    5 articles

    1. Rogers (2003), Building a case and arguing with sophistication (below)
    2. Denning, S. (2004), Telling Tales HBR *
    3. Conger, J. (1991), Inspiring Others: the language of leadership here
    4. Yates, J. (2009), Active listening (below)
    5. Munter, M. (2007), Q and A sessions (below)

    * NB. Harvard Business Review does not allow its articles to be linked directly into any learning environments. Therefore, you have to access HBR articles through Aalto library / e-journals.

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    Please place your project proposal here.

    You'll find all the details about this assigment (A4) in the 'Assignments' folder.

    Your project proposal should answer the following questions:

    1. What communication situation have you chosen? Why?

    2. What spoken / written messages were involved overall?

    3. Which messages have you chosen to focus on specifically? Why?

    4. What primary (original) data sources will you use (survey, interviews ..)?

    5. What analytical frameworks do you intend to use to help you analyse the communication situation / messages that you've chosen: Competing Values Communicaion Framework (CVCF), Strategic Contingency Model (SCM), Bad News Messaging (BNM), Claim Data Warrant (CDW)?

    6. How have you divided up your teamwork?

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    Please upload your group's materials for the consultation session here:

    1. Draft executive summary
    2. Preview slide / structure of your presentation
    3. 3+ questions you have related to the presentation.

    Session 5 schedule

    08.30 Group 1
    09.00 Group 2
    09.30 Group 3
    10.00 Group 4
    10.30 Group 5
    11.00 Group 6
    11.30 Group 7
    12.00 Group 8

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    Please assess your own and other team members’ contribution to the team assignments A1, A2 and A4 by completing and then uploading the form below (as a pdf).
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    1. Session 1 main slides
    2. Instructions for CVCF communicator profile presentations and discussion (PW1)
    3. Instructions for CVCF presentation strategy presentations and discussion (PW2)
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    1. Feedback on A1 BNM drafts: place your draft BNM here by 08.30 session 2
    2. Feedback on the CVCF presentations (6 breakout rooms)
    3. Feedback guidelines for giving comments on BNM draft
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    1. Feedback on A2 Managerial Proposals: place your draft MP draft here by 08.30
    2. Feedback guidelines for giving comments on A2 MP draft
    3. Analysis of Argument Measure (AAM)
    4. Instructions for giving transformational speech strategy presentations and getting feedback
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    Transformational speeches: SCHEDULE

    SESSION 1: 13.30-14.45, Wednesday, 11 May
    GROUPS 2 & 5
    Speech order: Juha, Milla, Jenni, Maisa, Konrad, Tiia

    SESSION 2: 08.30-09.45, Thursday, 12 May
    GROUPS 1,3 & 4
    Speech order: Juuso, Sampsa, Ciara, Joel, Lauri, Reijo, Janne, Aleksanteri, Lauri, Zak, Aarne

    SESSION 3: 09.45-11.00, Thursday, 12 May
    GROUPS 6,7 & 8
    Speech order: Kristian, Aatu, Jasmin, Anthony, Isto, Justus, Viktor, Jalmari, Lauri, Ville, Edvin, Elias

    Feedback on transformational speeches (SESSION 4 discussion forum & CC1 submission box in Assignments)

    For each speech given by your fellow group members write the name of the PRESENTER and comment on:

    1. What made the speech successful in terms of transformational messaging (content selection and delivery)
    2. How it could be improved in terms of transformational messaging (content selection and delivery)

    ******* Please remember to upload your feedback to the submission box in the Assignments folder by the end of the day as this will go towards your class contribution grade.*******

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  • Tillgänglig om: Du tillhör gruppen P03 (SISU)