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  • Welcome to join this writing course!

    On this course focusing on Anglo-American writing conventions, you will

    • develop your overall writing skills for both academic and business purposes
    • deepen your understanding of language, communication and culture in international business
    • enhance your skills in giving and receiving feedback on your texts

    The readings for your writing assignments consist of nine academic journal articles discussing research about language, communication and culture in international business. The assignments call for argumentation: your opinions and perspectives with well-grounded reasoning. This means that you need to study the articles carefully so that you are able to gain insights and argue your case.

    You will get plenty of opportunity in practicing writing, reviewing others' work, and revising your own texts. By practicing, you will also learn how to meet the expectations of different audiences, both in business and academia.

    • Not available unless: You belong to M03 (SISU)
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