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    • Assignment on time management, DL 30 Nov 2021

      Study psychologist will give the instructions on how to complete the assignment on time management in the lecture on 14 October. The assignement is about how you use your time and to learn time management skills. You will need three weeks to complete the assignment so it is good to start the assignment immediately after the lecture, but no later than 8 November. The DL for the assignment is on Tue 30 Nov at 6 p.m.

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    • Assignment on choosing a minor DL 31 March at 18.00 pm

      A minor subject worth 20-25 credits is a compulsory part of the BSc degree. A minor must be related to a subject area and it must form a module that can be named. Minor must be from a different subject field than the major.

      1. Familiarise yourself with the different minors in Into. Please note that some minors may be targeted to a specific group of students. You can seek for minors by theme, level, language or target group (availability). As a rule, BSc degree minor must be at a BSc level.

      2. Your task is to choose three minors of interest. Think about the following questions: What is interesting about the minors that you have chosen? How they support your major studies and future employment?

      3. Write a short report about the subject. Start by introducing yourself and telling your major subject. You can conclude the report by telling what is your preferred choice of minor and why. If you have already chosen a minor, you can use this excercise to tell why you have chosen the specific minor. You should also consider if there are any requirements for taking the minor. Are there any prerequisite courses that you should take as electives before entering the minor? Is there a quota or application process for the minor?

      Help with the task:

      • BSc level minors in English
      • Minors at Aalto University
      • Studies at another Finnish universities
      • if you are planning to go for exchange, exchange studies abroad can be included in International Studies Minor
          • Data Science and Quantum Technology students: SCI3041 International Studies Minor
          • Computational Engineering students: ENG3052 International Minor
          • Digital Systems and Design students: ELEC3012 International Minor
          • Chemical Engineering students: CHEM3020 International Minor
      More information about exchange studies.

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    • Personal study plan, DL 29 April 2022

      The first draft of your personal study plan is part of the SCI-A1010 course. 

      Preparing a personal study plan

      You should start your personal study plan process by thinking about your goals and plans for your studies on a more general level, after which you can move on to planning the contents and timing of your studies. A key part of the process is assessing the study plan, both independently and together with your academic advisor, and updating the plan regularly.

      The personal study planning (HOPS) process consists of four steps:

      1.     Planning

      2.     Selecting courses and planning their timing

      3.     Self-assessing the study plan and getting feedback on it

      4.     Obtaining approval for the study plan

      The process involves two documents:

      • study planning reflection template, which is complemented annually (on the first year of studies, fill in the first page of the document).
      • the personal study plan, which is prepared using the student information system Sisu and may be modified at any time.

      1. Planning

      • Begin your study planning process by writing down your goals and thoughts on the process on the template above. Save a copy of the plan for future reference, as you will need it throughout your studies.

      2. Selecting courses and planning their timing

      • Select courses and plan a timetable for them on Sisu. See your major’s curriculum for details on the contents of your degree and the possibilities it offers.
      • If you need help with creating the study plan in Sisu, you can contact the coordinators by

      3. Self-assessing the study plan and getting feedback on it

      • First, assess your study plan yourself with the help of the planning template.
      • Send the template as well as the study plan you prepared on Sisu (Sisu allows you to print it as a PDF) to your academic advisor a few days before the one-on-one meeting.

      4. Obtaining approval for the study plan

      • Finalise your study plan on Sisu and submit it for approval no later than 29 April 2022.
      • Once you have submitted your plan for approval, mark your HOPS and your academic advising as completed on this page.

      Your personal study plan will be approved in May. You will get a notification on Sisu once the plan has been approved.

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