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  • Welcome to Creative Computation for Visual Communication Design!

    On this course we will learn how to use computation as a practical and experimental method for visual communication design. In addition to getting a hands-on introduction to the world of programming, we will also take a more theoretical and critical look at computational practices in design.

    The course is organised with a hybrid model of online and contact teaching. Most of the sessions will be online on Zoom, with the exception of the last 3 sessions (7.-9. December) that are conducted both on campus and online. The sessions consist of short lectures, group discussions, live coding workshops, as well as coding exercises. The independent work consists of weekly coding assignments, assigned reading, and some smaller research and design oriented exercises. The weekly workload is 9h of class time and 18h of independent work. The final course projects will be presented on the last day of the course (9.12.2020), and it will be weighted as 25% of the course grade.

    For programming we will be mainly using p5.js which is a JavaScript library intended for creative coding. You will also need a code editor: I highly recommend Brackets, but you can also use a text editor of your choice or the p5.js web editor.


    Eevi Rutanen
    Primary: eevi.rutanen(a)aalto.fi
    Secondary: eevi(a)eevirutanen.com

    Dates & Times

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:15-12:00


    The course will be graded on scale 1-5 as follows:

    • 25% Final course project
    • 65% Weekly exercises (5 x 13%)
    • 10% Attendance and activity


    No previous coding skills are required for this class. All the coding exercises are designed to be creative, approachable and geared to visual designers.

    Before the first session, please follow the instructions in Getting started .

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      Use this forum for code-related questions.
      Remember to post screenshots and error messages if applicable.
      The best way to learn is to teach others, so helping out your course mates is highly encouraged!

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      Link to recurring zoom meeting for all the sessions.

    • Since we haven't had time to look at your weekly assignments during class, would be nice to share them somewhere! So here you can post your favourite coding creations from the course :)

      You can upload images, videos, gifs or the entire sketch folder. You can also link your sketches from the p5 web editor.