Topic outline

  • Today's bigger example: spacegame.pde

    What's Next?

    Now that you know the basics, you can continue to one of our several other programming courses. Many more are available at the Department of Computer Science, of course.

    • From Data to Pixels – pretty much continues where we left off here
    • Generative Media Coding – C++/openFrameworks
    • Embodied Interaction
    • Electronics for Artists – Arduino
    • Interactive Art
    • Contemporary Web Development – JavaScript
    • Composing with Data Flow Programming – Pure Data
    • Physical Interaction Design – more Pure Data
    • Procedural Audio
    • Software Studies for Game Designers – the Unity course
    • Intelligent Computational Media
    • Coding Virtual Worlds

    Note that for the next academic year the courses will change and some might disappear -- act now if you want to take a particular one.

    Assignment instructions on the left under "Assignments".