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  • Welcome to the Bachelor Thesis Seminar

    The first (mandatory) contact session for the Bachelor Thesis Seminar takes place on the 14th of January between 9.15 and 12.00. 

    The session is organized REMOTELY via Zoom in Period III (Period IV will be confirmed later). 

    The online session can be accessed by following the link below: (Meeting ID: 657 0165 6356)

    To take part in the course, you need to deliver the latest version of your thesis plan before 12.00 (lunch time) on the 11th of January in the corresponding folder under the 'Assignments' section. (In preparation for the first session, we will review your thesis plans to locate suitable advisors and experts to support your projects.) 

    The Bachelor Thesis Seminar provides students in the English-medium BA in Design structure and support in completing their thesis projects and manuscripts. 

    In this MyCourses page, you can:
    (1) find useful information for the thesis process, including materials from classes (slides, links, etc.); and
    (2) submit your assignments and final thesis manuscript. 

    Course Schedule

    The seminar adheres to the following schedule:

    Course Schedule
    *Download the course schedule as a file: LINK

    Students are expected to demonstrate a minimum 80% participation in the contact session (both on campus / on Zoom) to complete the seminar. 

    Thesis supervision and support

    The bachelor theses of the students in the seminar are overseen and supervised by Namkyu Chun and Oscar Person. Next to the thesis supervisors, each student is supported in their work by a an advisor and an expert. 

    - Advisors are experienced doctoral candidates in Dept. of Design or Media who will support you throughout the thesis journey. Following the schedule above, you will meet regularly with your advisor both individually in smaller advisory groups to receive support for your research process and in finalizing your thesis manuscript.  
    - You will be assigned a thesis advisor and advisory group based on the topic described in your thesis plan.  

    - Experts are professors, lecturers and researchers in Dept. of Design or/and Media who have expertise on specific topics of relevance for your thesis.
    - During Session 2 (21 Jan: 'network mapping'), we will help you identify relevant expert(s) who could support you in the thesis process.
    - You are expected to meet with an expert that you find most relevant twice during the thesis process. The expert will briefly review and advise on your thesis plan and the literature for your thesis in January and comment on the early draft of your thesis or your design/research production result in March.
    - Each student is responsible for scheduling the meetings with the expert. The thesis supervisors will assist by pre-announcing the contacts from the students.

    Deliverables and assessment

    The Bachelor thesis is assessed and graded according to the grading matrix which is introduced during the first contact session (LINK). The manuscript for the bachelor thesis should be uploaded to the corresponding folder in the Assignment folder no later than the 14th of April. 

    Beyond the thesis manuscript, students are expected to complete the following assignment:

    (1) Thesis Plan Revision + Meeting Report with Expert (Due: 18th January) in which they revise their thesis plan and outline how the experts assessed their thesis plan and what advice they were given for its realization. 
    (2) Mid-term Report and Peer Evaluation (Due: 25th February)