Topic outline

  • Deadline: April 22, 13:00

    Please submit the following:

    1) A short documentation video of your work (or if the work is a linear video, you can just submit the video itself). Free format otherwise, but keep it under 5 minutes. If your work is a group effort, it's enough that only one person submits the video.

    2) A pdf file or a link to a website with the following:

    • The title of your work
    • Your name (+ the names of your group members)
    • A short description of the work (can be the same for all group members)
    • A short description and reflection on your role in the group. Some questions that might help you figure this out: What did you do? What did you learn? What went like you planned? What did you struggle with? How will you continue?
    • Roughly 500-800 words in total (you can write longer if you really want to).
    • Each student should submit their own document (or the document should have all of texts of the individual group members)