Topic outline

  • Submit your project proposal to the assignments on MyCourses. You can also submit the application to AVEK to apply for actual funding but note that they might consider this as "educational establishment productions".

    Follow the guidelines of the Media Art Grant from AVEK:

    Media art grant

    Media art grant is a personal grant for private individuals, intended for the production of small-scale works of media art. The grant is always work-specific. The amount of the media art grant is 6,000 euros.

    The applicant must have a Finnish social security number. Support is applied for through the online application system.

    Support criteria
    • Applicant works professionally in media art.
    • Support will be used for making a new work of media art.
    • AVEK support does not cover all production costs of the work; it must have other confirmed financing.
    • All copyright licences and possible other compensations for third parties have been taken into account in the application.
    • Public premiere or exhibition for the work has been confirmed.

    Support will not be granted for
    • completed works
    • presentation programmes, serialised programmes, educational establishment productions, educational films, amateur works, music videos, background projections
    • equipment purchases
    • exhibitions, presentations, events

    Application annexes
    • script or other content plan
    • working plan and timetable
    • budget and financing plan with itemised costs, support received and applied for, and possible self-financing share.
    • screening and distribution plan
    • applicant’s CV
    • in case of a working group, CVs of all members
    • brief introduction of essential personnel
    • link to sample images, applicant’s webpage, etc.

    General tips

    • Avoid jargon and over-complicated explanations or wordings.
    • In the description, the first thing should be a 1-2 paragraph summary of what your project is. You can also include how much and for what purpose are you applying the money for. (If the application asks for a summary that will be published [like KONE], you don't need to include the amounts in that summary/abstract).
    • Don't assume that the reader has specific and detailed knowledge.
    • Use active verbs (avoid: "aim", "will", "attempt")
    • Check for typos.
    • Have someone else read it.