Topic outline

  • Room R107

    • 15:15-16:15 Interactive Art lecture (Matti's teaching demonstration for a lecturer tenure track position)
    • 16:15-16:30 Break
    • 16:15-17:00 Short continuation of practical issues + a little walk outside in Otaniemi.
    Sorry! I had wrong times here earlier. My mistake! -Matti


    Read before October 8:

    Pages 1-69 (+preface and introduction)
    • Preface, Introduction
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2

    Prepare for the first assignment

    1. Present an artwork, artist, concept, idea, theme, technology, medium etc. that inspires you right now. It does not have to be interactive/new media/digital art.
    2. Present something you have done before that tells something meaningful about who you are, the way you work, what you want to do, what are you interested in. Or you can present your initial idea if you already have one.

    October 1, book a time via MyCourses (I will add the link soon).

    You have 15 minutes total.