• Welcome to the postgraduate course for doctoral candidates in Micro- and Nanoscience (Fall 2021)

    Our first meeting will be on the 21st of September at 15:00

    This Fall, the scope of the course is for you to become familiar with common researcher´s practices and experience some of those!

    Given current guidelines, the course will be held online in the Teams group "ELEC-E321101_PostGraduate Studies in Micro- and Nanosciences (Fall 2021)". You will receive a MTeams invitation to join our virtual class few days before. Meetings will be held there (no invitation will be sent for individual classes). 

    On our first meeting we will discuss schedule and assignments in more details.

    WELCOME again and looking forward to meet all of you!

    Information about the course, assignments and grading is available here.

  • Below the schedule for the course: We will be meeting every two weeks, tentatively on Wednesdays, 2PM for a couple of hours.

    21.09.2021 h14-15: First meeting

    13.10.2021, h14:00-16: "Let´s hear about your thesis!" (5 presentation)

                                          CS_Manuscript Reviewing process (Caterina) (.pdf)

    27.10.2021, h14:00-15:30: Conference Presentation: Katherine, Hanchen (all reviewing)

                         h 18:00     Career after PhD a discussion with Dr. Ricardo Ascazubi (Intel Corp., USA) (zoom link)

    10.11.2021, h14:00-16: Conference Presentation:  Artem (all reviewing)

                                         Discussion about Funding Application (open discussion on draft) 

    24.11.2021,h14:00-16: Conference Presentation:  Olli (from 27.10) (all reviewing)

                                         Discussion about Assignments (funding application/reviewing process) 

    08.12.2021h14:00-15 "Pitch Your Ideas" (all pitches)