Topic outline

  • Below the schedule for the course: We will be meeting every two weeks, tentatively on Wednesdays, 2PM for a couple of hours.

    21.09.2021 h14-15: First meeting

    13.10.2021, h14:00-16: "Let´s hear about your thesis!" (5 presentation)

                                          CS_Manuscript Reviewing process (Caterina) (.pdf)

    27.10.2021, h14:00-15:30: Conference Presentation: Katherine, Hanchen (all reviewing)

                         h 18:00     Career after PhD a discussion with Dr. Ricardo Ascazubi (Intel Corp., USA) (zoom link)

    10.11.2021, h14:00-16: Conference Presentation:  Artem (all reviewing)

                                         Discussion about Funding Application (open discussion on draft) 

    24.11.2021,h14:00-16: Conference Presentation:  Olli (from 27.10) (all reviewing)

                                         Discussion about Assignments (funding application/reviewing process) 

    08.12.2021h14:00-15 "Pitch Your Ideas" (all pitches)